We are at the leading edge of dental technology. Our Windows based computerized database is used to keep track of all your dental records.

Digital X-RayX-Ray

We use digital radiography in order to offer a higher level of patient care and deliver better and more comprehensive dental care to patients. There are many advantages associated with using digital radiography:

-Less Radiation
The reduction in radiation offered by digital radiography (usually 70 to 80 percent) allows multiple periapical images for the same radiation exposure involved in a single periapical image obtained via conventional radiography

-Immediate Observation of Radiographic Images
Radiographic images can be viewed on the monitor instantaneously. Time is not wasted on the development of the films. This in turn makes a dental visit a lot more efficient and pleasant.

-Ability to enhance images
Digital radiography allows the clinician to change contrast (to lighter or darker), enlarge images, place color enhancements or superimpose various textures on images. All of these changes of the original image facilitate easier detection of any pathosis that is present, and they also allow immediate and effective patient education.

-Better communication with patients
The patient can be better-educated because the image is quite visible and the operator is able to expand it to several inches.

Intraroal Camera

Patient care and communication can be enhanced substantially by using new technologies. Intraoral images have become an integral part of dentistry’s clinical armamentarium. The visual clinical examination can be enhanced by using digital camera. “Live” images can be shown on computer monitor in order to demonstrate conditions directly to the patient.

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